Plot your web hits on Google Maps using Apache Geo Map!

The messy code is getting better! If you have improvements please send them to me and I’ll be sure to credit you.

The perl script parses a apache or apache2 combined access log for the IP addresses. It then looks up a Geo-Tag for those locations and if successful it adds them to a data file which the Google maps API v2 then displays. So you get all your unique resolvable hits plotted on a map. From 0.3a onwards new style blue markers are used which contain information about the location when clicked on.

Resolution of the Longitude and Latitude is done by, If your IP isn’t listed as tagged please please please tag it now! You’ll also need to get your self a google maps api key from here:

Check out teh SVN trunkĀ

ScreenShot of a parsed file being displayed by Google Maps

Screen shot of Apache Geo Map

Screen shot of Apache Geo Map

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